Herft Petition Resignation AB Herft (draft)


Petition Calling on Archbishop Roger Herft to Resign

On the basis of the findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, we are of the view that your moral authority is so eroded that your position as Archbishop of Perth which continues until your retirement on 7 July 2017 is untenable. We request your resignation with immediate effect

Your retirement announcement stated.

The Archbishop of Perth, The Most Reverend Roger Herft, informed the Diocesan Council today of his decision to retire a year ahead of schedule, namely 7 July 2017. The Archbishop will continue to take accrued leave until that date.

DOP Communique 15 Dec 2016

On 10 October 2016, you voluntarily stood aside from your role as Archbishop.

I have decided to voluntarily stand aside from my role, function and duties as Archbishop of Perth and Metropolitan of Western Australia with immediate effect. This will include all duties including ordinations, pastoral visits, public functions, Synod, Diocesan Council, correspondence and other related engagements.

I have taken this decision after much prayer, thought and consultation with my advisors to allow for the mission and ministry of the Diocese of Perth to flourish

I believe this is the appropriate decision while I focus my attention on the Royal Commission’s ongoing inquiry into the Diocese of Newcastle.

I am humbled by the courage and fortitude of survivors and victims of child sexual abuse as they continue to bear witness to their stories of suffering.


In a Statement to the Royal Commission on 30/08/2016, you stated 

have listened to the witnesses and the survivors  and heard their stories, I have become aware of the  sacred trust that the people of this region placed upon me,  I have let them down and let them down badly, let down the  survivors in ways that remorse itself is a very poor  emotion to even express. “ 

30/08/2016 (C164) C17460 R A HERFT (Ms Sharp) Transcript produced by DTI


We request that you resign your position as Archbishop of Perth with immediate effect.