A Chaplain an Elite School a Timeline and an Ethics Centre. WA DOP Hutchinson Trial. Systemic. Anglican.

“No Action has been taken either by the School or the Diocese to investigate further these allegations in regard to F Sheehans failure to report these matters either to the CCGS School Board, the Police or the Diocese. The school instead chose to believe Canon Sheehans denials. The possibility exists that if the School had taken action against Canon Sheehan choosing to validate and believe the survivors testimony to the District Court made in sworn evidence the Insurance policy that covered the School would have been invalidated and the school itself would have had to use its own Trust Funds to pay any claims. At the same time no action has been taken by the DIocese or the Professional Standards Board to examine these claims or the risk factors that F Sheehan presents. F Sheehan is still in active Ministry and no sanction has been made. ”

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