Bishop Michael Challen and the St Christophers Hostel . Ray Wenlock Offender. Finding Q. The Church response and the Ethical Dilemmas of a possibly Flawed reaction by the Anglican Diocese of Perth in regards Bp Challens Permission to Officiate. Current dilemmas in regards assistance to Survivors. (In Edit no content during edit)

18 I have never sought compensation, revenge or an apology from those who suppressed the truth whilst despicable things happened to me and my fellow boarders. I thank the
Inquiry for revealing the sort of truths behind a hypocritical organisation called the church that is so concentrated on self-protecting its image that it allowed the serial molestation of its charges to go unpunished and unnoticed by the authorities for fear of damaging its holy reputation.

Blaxell Enquiry 19062012. STAT Q

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A Chaplain a Elite School a Timeline and an Ethics Centre. WA DOP Hutchinson Trial. ( non RC ) Systemic. Anglican.

“No Action has been taken either by the School or the Diocese to investigate further these allegations in regard to F Sheehans failure to report these matters either to the CCGS School Board, the Police or the Diocese. The school instead chose to believe Canon Sheehans denials. The possibility exists that if the School had taken action against Canon Sheehan choosing to validate and believe the survivors testimony to the District Court made in sworn evidence the Insurance policy that covered the School would have been invalidated and the school itself would have had to use its own Trust Funds to pay any claims. At the same time no action has been taken by the DIocese or the Professional Standards Board to examine these claims or the risk factors that F Sheehan presents. F Sheehan is still in active Ministry and no sanction has been made. ”

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“The New Scapegoats” Muriel Porter. Review: Possibly Defamatory “Toxic Sludge” that needs to be refuted. “Do not buy this book”

Do Not Buy This Book.

“Toxic sludge”, the possibly defamatory exegesis of an “obscurantist denialist” who uses obvious proveable “fake” arguments , self-protecting “smoke screens” in an  attempt to undermine national Professional Standards Legislation.  Ms Porter refights old prosecutions in the light of a bias against so-called “New Puritans”. Heavily slanted  “biased” arguments in  defence of K Slater and other Clergy from Defrocking and other sentences from Professional Standards Investigations.

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Herft Petition Resignation AB Herft (draft)

On the basis of the findings of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse we are of the view that your moral authority is so eroded that your position as Archbishop of Perth is untenable. We request your resignation with immediate effect

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