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Episcopal Standards AB Aspinall CS 52 Complaints Conflicts of Interest gaining uniform agreement.

One key issue is that – there is quite a body of feeling in the church that bishops must be held accountable by a body external to their own diocese; the accountability
has to be held that way, cause most of the key people within a diocese are either personally known to the bishop, so there are conflicts of interest or have been appointed by the bishop, so there are conflicts of interest. So there needs to be an external body.

CS 52 Bp Greg Thompson on the Culture of Newcastle Transcript .

I’m wrestling with people who still don’t believe the
 trauma of child-abuse…..,and that those who they loved and revered as their priests are still innocent of all those – all the necessary information that has come forward. It is as if their devotion to priests and to the church comes before the genuine understanding of the suffering that many families and individuals continue to go through. So there needs to be a heart and minds process, as well as a legislative national response.

Jack Waterford

Church documents themselves describe the bishop’s power as akin to that of a monarch of a feudal principality. Nothing from the sex abuse scandals has caused any of the Australian bishops, certainly none of the penitents before the commission, to actually surrender any powers, even if, at times, they have delegated them, or exercised them through others, or found scapegoats to blame.

Comment from David re Chrissie Foster Article.

Even if they end up doing everything possible. To not simply say sorry, but to prioritise the victims needs way above the survival of the institution. This, however, is just wishful thinking, if past behaviour is any indicator of future performance. Any amount of words without such ‘true repentance’ is hollow and meaningless. Words are needed, but only as a precursor. Action must follow….